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Medical & Evacuation Insurance

Our plan covers expenses such as urgent and emergent medical care, medical evacuation to a high standard of care, and repatriation for international visitors. In the event of an emergency, you have access to American International Group’s (AIG) Business Travel Accident (BTA) insurance plan.

To get started with your BTA coverage, please take the time to review the linked materials:

Please make sure to save the medical insurance ID card to your phone and bring a copy with you while traveling. Health In Harmony asks all international visitors to the Indonesia and Madagascar site to pay $50 and national visitors residing over 100 miles away from Sukadana or Farafangana to pay $25 to cover the costs associated with providing these services and insurances. Visitors that reside within 100 miles of Farafangana/Manombo are not obligated to pay an insurance fee. Fees may be waived if traveler already holds equivalent service contracts and insurances, as determined by review by Health In Harmony.

AIG also has the following resources available to travelers:

  • Travel Guard Portal
    • Follow this link, click “Register Here,” enter your name and email address, enter policy number 9160757, and click “Submit.”
    • The portal has travel, security, and health information, including health advisories, crime and terrorism risks, 24/7 assistance, and timely travel advisories.
  • Assistance App
    • Search for “AIG Travel Assistance” in your app store. Register with the country where coverage was purchased (United States – Accident and Health), HIH’s policy number (above), your name, and email address.
    • The app has travel, security, and health information, including a one-touch “help” phone button that connects you with their 24/7 assistance team, a GPS-enabled provider directory, a medical translation tool, country reports, and security travel alerts. 
Health Insurance

International visitors must carry their own health insurance and submit proof to Health In Harmony through the Health & Safety Form. National visitors are encouraged but not required to carry their own health insurance; if they do carry health insurance, they should submit proof through the Health & Safety Form.

All employees, consultants, researchers, and accompanying spouses and children who are traveling from a foreign country to the Health In Harmony sites are covered for medical evacuation/repatriation under an insurance plan from AIG. Employees, consultants, and researchers who are Indonesian or Malagasy nationals traveling more than 100 miles from their home location (defined as residence for over 1 year) are covered for medical evacuation/repatriation under AIG, but not general health insurance (their own insurance coverage is responsible for their medical expenses). All employees, consultants, and researchers who are Malagasy nationals traveling fewer than 100 miles from home location are not covered for medical evacuation/repatriation, nor general health insurance.
Health In Harmony’s medical evacuation provider, AIG, provides assistance services to all domestic and international travelers, regardless of distance from home.