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The specific Planetary Health challenge




    Guiding Questions
    • What is the political and historical context of logging and land use change in Indonesia? What is the role of the government in advancing planetary health locally?
    • What does biodiversity conservation involve? What is the perspective of logging companies and their role in planetary health locally?
    • What are the local effects of climate change on Indonesia agricultural economy? Considering the urgent socioeconomic, political and physical pressures involved, what are the roles of academics and local farmers in planetary health locally?


    Planetary Health Principles (Canmore Declaration):
    Integrity and Unity
    Countering elitism, social dominance and marginalization

    Planetary health requires that we challenge status quos that oppress, exclude, and divide. Based on the ancestral concept of the unity of all life, planetary health means multi-stakeholder collaboration, plurality of perspectives, and compassion not only for other human beings, but nonhumans as well.