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Effective communication is a vital part of ASRI’s work. Community education sessions are usually delivered to patients in the waiting room twice a week and through community education nights in the surrounding villages. Topics include the connection of human health and the environment, ASRI payment options, public health and hygiene (such as smoking cessation and toothbrushing), and general information about ASRI’s programs. Communication with patients is important because the modern medical process can be confusing for families who receive care from traditional healers.

Education programs are also specifically targeted to local youth to empower them to take pride in their rainforest and gain awareness of the threats it faces. Over time, ASRI Kids, an after-school program, has expanded to 20 primary schools with a curriculum covering biodiversity, coral reef and mangrove habitats, threats to the rainforest, organic and non-organic trash, and nutrition. The kids also go on a field trip to visit ASRI’s Organic Garden, and learn how to make recycled paper and organic compost. When the first ASRI Kids session ended in 2012 and plans were made to expand the program, a group of ASRI Kids graduates wanted to stay involved. They helped ASRI prepare teaching materials and supported teaching in new schools. In 2015, the group started ASRI Teens. 

Through exchange programs, camps, and outreach, communication tightens the network of stakeholders around the mission of ASRI. This encourages new partners to contribute various resources to promoting planetary health locally and in their own communities. 

Planetary Health Principle:

Learning Objective

Recognize the planetary health principle of communication through different education programs in ASRI.

Planetary Health Principle: Narrative health (Canmore Declaration)
Planetary Health Principle: Communication (The Lancet)

Effective and meaningful translation of planetary health science across different disciplines, sectors, geographical regions, cultures, and scales requires an understanding of the power of language and the inclusion of traditional knowledge and sciences. Through ASRI’s community education programs participants will learn how to effectively communicate planetary health science.