Radical Listening

Radical listening can have a transformative impact on your international development program, conservation initiative, or Corporate Social Responsibility plan. Radical listening is more than communication. It is our unique approach to community engagement that generates win-win solutions. And that makes all the difference. Radical listening is trusting community members to be the best solvers of their problems. It means asking for individuals' ideas and implementing their solutions. We believe that Radical Listening offers a simple but effective approach to problems like poverty and environmental degradation.

Through radical listening, communities will own, build and sustain the solutions they design.

If scaled, these solutions can produce amazing results in human development, conservation, or CSR initiatives. In fact, we've seen great interest in our radical listening methodology around the world - recognized more and more for its application across public and private sectors.

We teach clients all over the world how to practice radical listening with communities.

Health In Harmony accompanies our clients along the journey of your learning and use of radical listening. Contact us if you are interested in learning how radical listening can drastically improve your organization's integration and impact.

Get trained in Radical Listening

With our unique Radical Listening Training, you will learn to listen not only to the words, but also to the deeper meaning behind them. You will learn to ask the probing questions that will help your business succeed, and improve your communication with everyone around you. 

Get ready to...

  • Learn to truly listen
  • Test implementation of the solutions you hear
  • Commit to follow-up listening sessions

You will learn

  • Practical skills in organizing and conducting radical listening meetings
  • Tips for active listening
  • How to navigate potential pitfalls
  • To actively listen and summarize what you hear


Radical Listening Non-Profits Social Enterprise For-Profit
Half Day training by

Kinari Webb (in person)

$1500 $1750 $2000
Half Day training by 

Kinari Webb (virtual)

$1250 $1500 $1750
Follow Up Training

Review (2 hours)

$500 $650 $750
Follow Up Training Q&A (1 hour) $425 $450 $500


*Price excludes travel costs for trainer such as airfare, transportation, accommodations and food.

Courses can be tailored to your needs, ranging from anywhere between 2 hours to full day trainings. Contact us for more information.


If you're interested in learning more about Radical Listening but aren't quite ready to commit to the full training, try out one of our free monthly webinars! More information at www.radicallistening.org.